on the high-speed Tel Aviv-Jerusalem line

Client: Israel Railways Company Ltd., as contractor for Sharon Diggers Ltd.

Project description:

1.Bridge 9: a double railway bridge, 200 m long and 40 m high. Manner of execution: incremental launching bridge.

2.Tunnel 3A: a double tunnel, each 800 m long, including connective tunnels. Structural system.

3.Tunnel 4A-B: double track tunnel, 1,200 m long, including emergency exit tunnels, exist structures and systems.

4.Tunnel 4C-D: an expanded diameter tunnel, 310 m long.

5.Tunnel 4E: a double tunnel of varying diameters, 320 m long.

6.Tunnel 4F: tunnels for train platform, 330 m long.

7.Underground structure for the Ha’uma Station: a system of platform access and transit tunnels for passengers.

Cost: NIS 500 million

Date of execution: June 2010 – August 2015 (estimated completion date)