The engineers, project leaders and office personnel, all experts in their respective fields

are a cohesive staff wits many years of relevant experience in undertaking many large and complex projects.

The company’s management views the staff as its most important asset. Therefore, it strives to make the workplace a second home and provide good relations and professional guidance that encourage leadership, acceptance of responsibility and excellence while realizing the potential inherent in every employee.

The company’s success over the years is primarily the result of a cooperatively-formulated organizational culture:

  • The desire for flawless, uncompromising execution of jobs while meeting deadlines. The company strictly adheres to the ISO 9002 quality assurance protocol in accordance with the requirements of the Standards Institution of Israel.
  • The company attributes great importance to teamwork and sharing, not only among company personnel, but also between the company, on the one hand, and its clients and suppliers, on the other. This allows for the creation of a common language so that the process of attaining the goal is both pleasant and focused.
  • The company’s procedures ensure problem analysis and decision making that allow for creative engineering solutions to all challenges.