Zvika Livneh founded Linom together with Noam Goren in 1993. Once Zvika realized the tremendous importance of the field of infrastructures, he left the academe and invested most of his energy and time into developing the new company.

Zvika was born in 1950. He served in an elite IDF unit and, after completing his studies in the Mathematics and Physics Department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, to pursue his PhD. Once he was awarded his doctorate, he joined the Business Administration faculty at MIT and the Management faculty at Tel Aviv University. A few years later, he moved to Columbia University in New York City.

After returning to Israel, Zvika became a strategic consultant for many companies both in Israel and abroad, eventually founding Linom in 1993.

Zvika Livneh passed away in 2001.

Zvika Livneh – partner and friend.

When we founded Linom we started a shared journey. To my everlasting regret, you didn’t live to see the fruit of your labor in all its glory. Zvika – not a day goes by that I don’t miss your optimism, analytical thinking, creativity and common sense.

Rest in peace.